Vacant licenses

Negotiations on available licenses for propagation in vitro or others can be initiated by contacting
Royalty Licenses can be obtained for individual countries or areas and the license applicant must be able to document sufficient capacity and knowledge to be considered.
Licenses of less than 50,000 units per year are not considered interesting

The licenses concern our certified and registered paulownia known under the names:
3B01 – 3B03 – 3B07 – 3BFE and 4BWD
these hybrids and superclones are not invasive and are primarily produced for areas where hard frost can be a problem, but it has been shown that they are extremely fast growing also in tropical areas.

The licenses will be based on transparency and control by a world wide license controller.

Vacant areas:

Canada – USA – Middle America – South America north – South america south – Europe outside EU – Nothern Africa – Southern Africa – Middle East – India and the East – Japan – Australia and New Zealand